Nursery Inspiration

I am finally ready to share some of the inspiration behind the nursery for our baby girl who is due in July! I'm so excited to be taking you behind the scenes of how I am making my decisions and the overall direction I wanted to take. 

Before starting any project, whether for myself or a client, I start by going through photos that I have saved as inspiration. I usually come across something on social media and take a screen shot of it for later use. The key here is to use a photo as inspiration that is not of interior design. I don't know about you, but I don't want to just copy what someone else has already created. Rather, I want something that is uniquely designed just for me and the goals I have for the space.

Speaking of goals, it's really important to keep in mind what are your overall goals for the space. For the nursery, I wanted it to feel serene, feminine, and elegant. This list of descriptives helps me to narrow down on my inspiration photo. I fill out this form to help guide me through this process:

Baby Jensen Nursery Inspiration Board.jpg

I start out by listing some of the descriptive words that I want to be able to use when describing the space (in this case, it's the nursery). From there I paste in my inspiration photo. Keep in mind this isn't a photo of someone else's nursery. It's just a photo that I love and I think perfectly fits with the list of descriptives. Then I study the inspiration photo. I ask myself what I like about it. What textures are used? Do I notice any color schemes? Is there any contrast? Is it feminine or masculine or a little bit of both? Finally, I work on pulling colors from that image as a starting point for my color scheme. You'll want to keep in mind the basic principles of color theory which I wrote about here. More than likely, if the colors look good together in the photo then they will look good when pulled together in your space.

Any there you have it! This was the very first step I took when designing the nursery and I'm excited to share with you our progress along the way!