A Modern Farmhouse Laundry Room

I love utilitarian spaces in homes. However, often times, they are the most under developed spaces in our homes. Take the laundry room for example. Laundry is one chore that just never ends. A lot of time is spent in a laundry room and when it is designed thoughtfully, it can save us a lot of time and help increase the value of our home. Why not make it as efficient and beautiful as possible?

Here are some photos from a recent design client project where I made over the laundry room. The existing space had storage, but it didn't give them the right storage they needed (there was no room for the vacuum so it was always sitting out, etc.). The floors were laminate tiles that were starting to chip and crack in some areas. You could see the hookups to the washer/dryer from the kitchen and overall the colors needed to be lightened up. Here's a look at the before:

2016-08-02 15.42.45.jpg
2016-08-02 15.43.20.jpg

And, behold...the after!


We took out the old green cabinets and replaced them with navy shaker cabinets to tie into the color scheme used in the rest of the house. We used simple butcher block counters to bring in some warmth and a farmhouse sink was a given for this space. The cabinets hide the hookups to the washer and dryer as well as give the vacuum a place to be stored. The walls were painted a light gray and the floors were replaced with a really versatile and durable tile. We added some shelves on either side of the window to add a little interest. And, possibly my favorite addition to the space, are the gorgeous roman shades! 

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