The Friday Five

I thought I would start a new blog series called "The Friday Five" where I share whatever is inspiring me that week. I find that I am always snapping photos of things, and taking screenshots when I see something I like or might want to look more into. Every now and then I go back through the photos on my phone and recall why I snapped that particular photo in the first place. I literally have thousands of photos like this on my phone. Just yesterday I was at the grocery store and saw an interesting shade of green paint on the walls and I snapped a quick photo (and obviously tried not to look creepy in the process). So, let's just jump right in to the first edition of The Friday Five!

1. Wallpaper on the Ceiling

Some people may be surprised that wallpaper is making a comeback, but ohhh it is! And it's lovely! What is a great way to add a large dose of interest to a room? Add some wallpaper to the ceiling. Yep. Just check out this photo as it speaks for itself. 

2. Orchids in the Home

Last weekend I went to see the Color Me Orchid Display at the Indianapolis Museum of Art and it was absolutely gorgeous. I have a serious obsession with orchids. What else can you grow in the home that flowers for 6 weeks+ and comes in a huge variety of colors? Not to mention the sculptural element that they can add to any room. 

Source:  My Design Chic

3. Boutique Textile Designers

I just love this new trend of small batch hand-crafted textiles that are on the rise! The NYTimes just shared an article talking about this trend and I posted it to my Facebook page. One of my favorite designers highlighted in the article is Rebecca Atwood. I've used her textiles in a recent project and I'm just dying to show you the completed photos of that project. 


4. Baby Moxfords

These are seriously so cute! I don't know if I'll be able to convince my husband that our baby girl "needs" these shoes, but I'm sure going to try. There are so many small businesses selling really unique baby items these days, and Sweet N' Swag is just one of them. 

Source:  Sweet N' Swag

5. Clean Modern + Traditional Design

As much as I love true traditional design (think wallpaper, custom drapes, upholstered furniture, and basically every inch of a room dressed up), I think I love this cleaner, more modern feel better. Basically, I love mixing the two. There are still important details and a sense of comfort that come from the more traditional elements of this room, but it's a little less "fussy" and dressed up as a purely traditional design. I think this is the sweet spot in the middle and I'm loving it. 

Source:  Studio McGee

Source: Studio McGee

Well, there you have it. My first post in this new series highlighting a few things I am loving this week. I hope you enjoyed it and I'll see you back next week. Have a great weekend!